New Year Full Moon Gathering

 Join me  to harness the first beautiful lunar energy of the year to uplift your body, mind and energy system!  Set your intentions high!

Moynevilla , Headford

Friday 19th January, 2024  7.00 – 9.00pm – Only 25 Euro 

Start the new year off setting your intentions and goals to align with the energy of the Full Moon to increase the power and result of your  intentions. Around Full Moon the power to harness the energy of our dreams and to make courageous moves to surrender and let go of things that we no longer need becomes so much easier. There is an energy that comes with the full moon that enhances our feelings but also empowers and supports them.

Our dreams and what is closest to our hearts are illuminated. Things become clear. Old wounds and obstacles are given the extra energy they need to be released back into the universe. What desires to be expressed and manifested is given extra oomph!

We will practise

  • Kundalini Energy Warm Up to move your Energy up through the spine and chakras to experience an expanded state of consciousness.
  • Chakra activations through meditations, breath work and chanting.
  • Violet Flame Ritual – We will use this powerful clearing ritual of the Violet Fire to clear and dissolve any unhealthy ties/ blockages you may have for example with another person, your body, health issues, a difficult situation, addictions etc. bringing about not only freedom and forgiveness in your life but strengthening your will power and confidence to help us achieve our goals and aspirations.
  • Full Moon meditation incorporating a sequence to empower and open your Central Meridian with the moonlight.
  • Restorative Yoga – All this followed by a deeply relaxing Restorative Yoga Sequence using the bolsters and props to let go completely so you can soak up all the amazing energy flowing.
  • Sound Bath – Ending in a beautiful uplifting Sound Bath with the Gong, Tibetan Bowel and Chimes.

You’ll move your body gently, use your breath, put your life energy in rhythm, raise the vibration of every cell in your body and enjoy the pleasures of your meditative mind!



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