Yoga Energy Medicine Day Retreat

Location: CastleHacket House, H54 E977

Date & Time : Saturday, May 6, 2023. 10am to 5pm

Price: €95 (this includes lunch at Castlehacket House)

Join me for a beautiful day filled with Energy Medicine Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, Pranayama, Qi Gong, Yin Yoga and ending in a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating Sound Bath with the Gong, Tibetan Bowl and Chimes. As we have the beautiful Knockma Woods across the road from us we will schedule a walk there after lunch.

Beltane Fire Ceremony – The Celtic Festival of Beltane marks the beginning of summer in the ancient Celtic calendar half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Beltane  is associated with May 1st, or the first Saturday of May (hence why we have this day retreat on this specific day) . So to mark this as part of our day we will have a Fire Ceremony with the intention to letting go of our past, acknowledging our present and bringing protection and guidance for the coming months. We will also work with the Violent Flame to cut the ties with things that no longer serve us this can be done with a person, place, emotion, habit etc.

Qi Gong Sequence – Also in Traditional Chinese Medicine the energy of Summer resonates with the element of Fire, so it is a powerful time to attune to the sun’s yang energy for expansion, joy and connection to the world around us. The energy of Summer resonates with the organs of the heart and small intestine. So our Qigong Flow sequence for a Happy Heart is a complete routine designed to purify, nourish and balance the heart and small intestine, igniting our internal power, invoking our sense of compassion and wisdom.  The routine ends with gentle progressive loops that balance yin and yang energy in the body, creating a harmonious and balanced state of joy and calmness within.

Living in tune with the seasons can bring a tremendous sense of harmony & well-being to your body, mind and soul join us so we can help you to re-align yourself with mother nature.

This amazing venue is surrounded by nature and is just outside of Headford and only 15 minutes from Tuam. If you wish to come from further afield there is an option to stay the night there also. Contact Niamh for further information or to book – 087 9031784 or

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