8 Top Tips for finding your motivation again

Lost your Mojo ? Started off great in January …New Year Resolutions in full swing ?  Then suddenly they slowly started to slip and the bad habits are sneaking back in again ? Here are some helpful tips to get your Mojo back and keep yourself on track …

1. Getting up at a reasonable time

Setting a new morning routine can change your day and mood completely. By going to bed a little earlier and setting your alarm 15/20 minutes earlier than normal it gives you more time to fully wake up in the morning, leading to a more productive day.

2. A new morning routine

With more time in the morning you have the time for a helpful morning routine. Firstly do not go straight to your phone and start checking emails/social media etc. Try to do 15/20 minutes of Meditation/Yoga / Affirmations / Stretching (or whatever form of exercise works for you) to help wake up your body.

Add a 1 minute ice cold shower at the end of your morning shower to feel totally invigorated.

Developing a routine is very important.  You will find after a while that if you don’t do your morning routine your day wont go as productive and you will see the difference. Start with small changes.

  1. Exercise 

Its a no brainer but still we do need to be reminded that when we exercise the difference in our mood and how we eat changes. So find a type of exercise that you like and do it 3 to 4 times a week –  get moving !

  1. Healthy eating

Start small with picking one or two recipes and make enough so they last a few days ‘Healthy’ doesn’t have to mean bland or boring. There are plenty of delicious recipes out there these days, vegetarian and meat, that taste really good.  Take the time to find delicious recipes that taste good and make you feel good.  The key is to prepare and freeze meals for the week to come so its less stressful during the week and you are less likely to snack.

Having a total cupboard clear out and going junk food free for a month can be transformational – it stops cravings and changes how you perceive the taste of food.  Dont starve yourself eat often and good amounts so you don’t get that afternoon crash.

You can still have your take away but if you have eaten well during the week you don’t feel guilty about having it 😉

5.Feeling Stressed ?

Address the source of your stress.  If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, lighten the load and address the source of the stress before you do anything else.  Stress is the biggest culprit for heading for those comfort foods and drinks.

6. Get outside 

If you are someone who works inside and computes in the car every day it is so important to try get time outside even for a short walk at lunch or on the way to and from  work.   Whether it’s a stroll around the local park or driving somewhere to get your walk. Getting outside blows away those cobwebs and recharges your batteries. Also, you can have your best ideas when you are away from the screen. So it’s productive and good for your mental health.

Try Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to the direct skin contact with the Earth’s natural electric charge such as walking on the grass bare foot this stabilizes the physiology at the deepest levels, reduces inflammation, pain, and stress, improves blood flow, energy, and sleep, and generates greater well-being.

7. Take a moment to think about what makes you happy

You can have the most impressive morning routine in the world, be a yoga and mindfulness wizard, and eat all the vegetables in the world.

But if you don’t love what you’re doing day-to-day, then you will struggle to find your motivation.

Of course we all want to have a job that we love and are passionate about. And although I think that should always be an important goal for everyone, it may not be realistic to make that change right now.

But you can control how you spend your spare time and what hobbies you do. Schedule time to do what makes you happy and prioritise it.  Create a vision board, this can be a constant reminder of what you are working towards.  Have fun !!

8. Take motivation from others –

Find a motivational book to read, listen/dance to motivational music, be around positive people that motivate you and steer clear of the negative ones !  Get a friend to join you so you can motivate one another, join a supportive group/class or get professional help if you really feel you need it.

Setbacks :

If you fall off the wagon just go back to why you started making these changes in the first place, remember how good you felt and looked and that will help re-motivate you to get going again. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back. View setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. The resilience you gain from failures can drive you to keep moving forward.

Finding your motivation isn’t about being more productive at work and getting more done. It’s about balance, it’s about not being so hard on yourself and doing more of what you love. And most importantly be kind to yourself and don’t forget to reward yourself!

Once you feel happier in yourself, you’ll naturally feel more motivated 😉

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