Meet Niamh...

Firstly I want to offer a warm welcome to you and thank you for taking the time to check out my space on the web !

So my journey in movement began back at the early age of 4 years old when I was brought by my mum to my first Irish Dancing Class, which I went on to continue to do till the age of 20 !  I started Ballet and Contemporary Dance at the age of 10 years old and after finishing school went on to college to train as a professional dancer.

From there I went on to be a Fitness Instructor and then I found Yoga and Pilates !! I quickly saw the huge benefits of Yoga and Pilates and its safe to say 20 years on I never looked back !!

My path through yoga and meditation brought me to the amazing therapies of Reiki, Shamanism, Access Consciousness and Sound Therapy through which I have had profound experiences and positive changes in my life. I am forever grateful to have these practices in my life and to be able to share them with you.

More recently I have completed a diploma in Health and Wellbeing Coaching with the College of Natural Medicine, London which I feel will be a huge benefit to what I already offer helping to support and guide you to achieve your goals and help you take control of your health and wellbeing. I believe you need equal focus on movement, diet, meditation and positive thinking along with connecting to nature to achieve this.

I enjoy creating unique and challenging flows blending my many trainings throughout the years – No two classes are the same so you will never get bored !!

Over the years I have seen my students transformed which in turn encourages me to continue teaching to help you achieve a much better quality of life.

I hope to see you soon !!


My Experience ...


Bikram Yoga Instructor, Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, 500hr Advanced Yoga Instructor, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapy for Back and Shoulder Problems, Kids Yoga.


Mat Pilates, Pilates Reformer Bed and Total Barre.


Reiki/ Seichem, Shamanic and Access Consciousness Healing, Sound Healing ( Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks) & Qi Gong.


Coaching in Nutrition, Fitness, Lifestyle and much more!

What our clients say...

  • Really enjoyed the 7 day challenge , lovely mix of classes. Thanks Niamh, you are a fantastic teacher. Your classes are saving us all at this time!!..keeps some normality in our lives!!

    Mari Galway
  • Thanks a million for the last 3 weeks classes and this morning's boot camp was very enjoyable, I definitely feel the benefit. Fantastic combination of all the areas of yoga, pilates and energy work. Thanks so much, to be able to enjoy this in my home is a true gift!

    Olive Galway
  • I really enjoy the on-line classes. I do exercise every week - circuits etc. But since doing the Yogalates its the first time my core has ever toned, its great!!

    Niamh Cork
  • Thank you Niamh, I really enjoyed this evening. I felt vibration, energy, peace and strength.

    Maria Dublin
  • Niamh, Just wanted to thank you for the extra session tonight, I loved it. So relaxed yet energised, a lovely way to be on a Thursday Night. The calmest I have felt in a long long time.

    Rachel Dublin
  • Really enjoyed the 7 day challenge , lovely mix of classes. Thanks Niamh, you are a fantastic teacher. Your classes are saving us all at this time!!..keeps some normality in our lives!!

    Mari Galway
  • Just to say how much I’m enjoying these classes, they are making a huge difference to my flexibility in my legs and lower back! I’m back running again after a long time off with problems in my Achilles’ tendon , I touched my toes for the first time in 20 years tonight ....! I really think this is helping!

    Clare Italy
  • I really enjoyed the yoga it was the best yoga class I have ever done and even online... I will continue to keep it up, great for lifting your mood and energy.

    Mary Kilkenny
  • I really enjoyed the Total Barre and am sure I will feel it tomorrow ! Thanks again for such a great toning class, want to do more of it!

    Lorraine Galway
  • Thanks for the great classes! I strongly appreciate your teaching, it's all firm and gentle at the same time and you are doing masses of good here. I can totally feel my core muscles 😉

    Rebecca Germany

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