8 Must know Tips to achieving Goals that last

As we leave 2023 behind us and start thinking about the year ahead, it’s a great time to reflect and reassess our health and wellbeing. So lets  jump into the New Year feeling motivated and empowered with these must know Health Coaching tips to get you started setting Goals that last.

  • Mentally prepare for change. Changing habits is no easy task, so before diving head-first into your New Year goals, it is important to take a step back and get ready for that change.
  • Start a Journal – Put your goals to paper. Written goals can act as a filter and guiding light for what opportunities to pursue. So on the days you feel overwhelmed or unsure refer to the goals you have written down and stick to them ONLY.
  • Set goals that motivate you. One of the issues with New Year’s resolutions is they are often not achievable long-term. So don’t set yourself up for failure, make the goal realistic and very specific. I use a use a powerful tool called the Wheel of Lifewith my Health Coaching clients  which helps you understand each aspect of your life to see which areas are thriving and which areas may need some improvement. When you have a handle on this, you can then set goals to create balance in your life.
  • Have a time line …Creating a goal that lasts a few weeks 2 to 4 weeks is easier to achieve and once achieved it will keep you feeling positive and encourage you to keep going. Goals are dreams with a dead line ! The simple act of deciding when you will achieve a goal sets in motion conscious and unconscious forces to make your goals a reality.
  • Why are you doing it …the why is most important it is what will push you on to keep going in particular when obstacles get in your way, you must feel passionate, excited and 100% committed to it.
  • If you slip a little don’t quit. New habits take time, but your health is so worth it! If you slip up or don’t reach your goals, start over Keep reminding yourself of why you started in the first place.
  • Have a friend/family member join you Accountability is everything when it comes to achieving your goals so having a friend or family member join you, you can encourage one another. Or at least tell friends/family what you are doing so they will encourage and support you.
  • Reward yourself. Celebrate the wins even the small ones. This will keep you motivated.


Best of luck.



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