Surviving the festive season tips !!

Surviving the festive season !!

Here are a few tips to still be festive without the extra calories and helping keep you full of energy and in a great mood  !!

  • Listen to your body – There’s a thin line between ‘not being hungry’ and ‘being full’. Try not to cross that line by listening to your hunger and fullness cues, and give yourself 20 minutes to pause before starting another dish. That’s how long it takes for your brain to know you’re full. Chances are, you may realise you’ve had enough for the day.
  • Eat slowly – As they say, time flies when you’re having fun, so it can be easy to lose track of how much you’ve eaten, and how fast. Try to eat slowly, and focus on socialising rather than eating. Again, this will give your stomach time to signal it’s not really hungry anymore.
  • Simple changes can go a long way – Avoid the white foods like bread, rice, crackers, pasta etc and eat whole grain instead, use Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream, substitute the turkey and meat for fish.
  • Stay hydrated Whether it’s a few beers at Christmas, a couple of    bottles    of Champagne at New Year’s Eve or some glasses of wine in the backyard, holiday drinking is something to keep an eye on. Pace yourself, trying to keep a tab of how much you’re drinking. And don’t forget to stay hydrated ( 2ltr  water a day), by   alternating each drink with a glass   of water throughout the day. You will thank yourself the next morning ! Also, limit your intake of high- calorie cocktails – like martinis and margaritas – as much as   possible.
  • Stay active After a long year of work, sitting around watching TV can be tempting but also nice to do for a while but there is a limit to this too!! We’re blessed where we live with lots of beautiful walks, by the lake , forest walks, hill climbs or sea walks …we have it all , so staying active isn’t all that hard. Twenty   minutes of exercise is all you need.
  • Be kind to yourself  – Keep things in perspective and don’t expect everything to be perfect, all the time. For example, if you over-indulge, don’t be too hard on yourself: if there’s one time we can all give ourselves permission not to worry, it should be the festive season. Remember:     overeating one day will not break your plan, so be kind to yourself.
  • Take some ‘me time’ – With so much going on, the holidays can also be a bit stressful. But don’t let a busy schedule leave you feeling     overwhelmed. So make time for yourself –  just yourself. It’s important to take time to relax and unwind, by reading a great book, watching your     favourite movie, taking a walk by yourself or just getting a good-night sleep. Pamper yourself – you deserve it!
  • Eat your veggies and fruit !! Make sure you are getting enough veggies and fruit in your diet. Veggies and fruit are important for health and should form a major part of your diet – especially during the party      season. They are a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. They also contain antioxidants and phytochemicals that help protect cells against    damage and support your immune system. So get making those smoothies, juices and soups its the easiest way to get them into you.
  • Don’t miss meals to compensate  If you skip meals, you’ll either wind up overeating at your  next meal or develop a yearning for fatty, sugary   items. Not the best circumstance to celebrate this festive    season while staying active and healthy. You can start your morning with a healthy breakfast. A breakfast that is heavy in protein and fibre sets you up for a day of  healthy eating. Eat a nutritious snack every two to three hours as a guideline.
  • Eat a salad with each meal   A good, fresh vegetable salad may be a great way to balance your calorie intake, stop overeating, and increase   feelings of fullness. Fresh fruits and vegetables in a bowl of salad are a fantastic source of fibre and beneficial minerals.


I hope this helps you enjoy the festive season a little healthier, with a better mood and full of energy !!

Wishing you every happiness for the New Year ahead,  !!!

Niamh xx

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